Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair Clips

These have been part of my offering for quite some time, but it has been difficult getting getting pictures of them in action. I'm partial to the black-and-white clips because of how fun they can look with a bright outfit and yet how classy they could look for a more formal affair (e.g. a wedding).
Model #1 is sporting a Double Flower Clip.

Model #2 is enjoying her Single Flower Clip. Both are adorable little creations - and I'm talking about the models! I do happen to think the clips are pretty fun, too.

These clips are completely covered in ribbon, making them gentle on the softest baby hair. Yet they actually stay in soft baby hair!

Single-Flower Clip - $3.50 or 2 for $6.00
Double-Flower Clip - $4.00 or 2 for $7.00
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Ponytail Safety

For those ponytail conscious girls out there (of any age!), I'd like to introduce the headband!

As you can see, it does not interfere with a ponytail or hair which has been fixed and is ready for school or work.

Yet it keeps ears warm in subzero temperatures!

My model is wearing a triple-thick headband designed specifically for her to match her winter jacket. Since making triple-thick headbands for her and her sister, I've also made some in fleece which work very well, too.

As a sidenote, this headband also fit the model's aunt (and me, as well). Hint, hint to all of us adult women who hate squished hair worse than cold ears - We can have it all in this instance!

Triple Thick Headband - $15.00 one-size-fits-most
Fleece Headband - $18.00 one-size-fits-most
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Temps are Dropping! Fight them with Fleece!

Introducing the Elf Hat! I've been cranking out this hat style in several different types of yarn, but I wanted my model to have a new fleece hat now as the weather gets more frigid in our part of the world. Why not try this style in fleece? I certainly am glad I did because she wouldn't take it off this afternoon until she overheated in our warm house. She's been running around all day showing off her "new fleece Elf Hat".

This hat can be made in any color of yarn because it can be made with any type of yarn! So get creative! Think team colors - school colors - jacket colors - anything you can dream up!

Fleece right now comes in a wide array of colors, as well - orange, pinto pony (orange with brown dots), lavendar, dotty pink (pictured - it is white with pink and peach dots), lollipops (pink base with pink dots), dotty green (white with green dots), tan, and a gorgeous creamy white. The fleece styles are going to be a bit more expensive because the yarn costs more, but they last....and last....and last....and last! Most importantly, they will keep your little one's ears and head toasty, roasty warm in the coldest temps winter can bring!
We still have a lot of winter temperatures left to come through January, February, and March! Look for fleece headband pictures coming soon......

Elf Hat prices:
Regular yarn style - $14.50
Fleece style - $17.00
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Introducing The Recycled Hat!!!

Recycled Hat in "chocolate"

This hat is not a hat that has been recycled....Nope! This is a hat made from yarn that is 75% recycled cotton! The yarn company takes the waste from the t-shirt making process....and turns it into yarn. Talk about a way to reuse and cut down on waste! I fell in love with this yarn and the idea of it - taking what would otherwise be trash and turning it into something that can be beautiful and functional. This idea is near and dear to my heart, so these hats are very special and exciting to me!

Recycled Hat in "cinnamon"

Recycled Hat in "vanilla"

Recycled Hat in "tangerine"

Recycled Hat in "denim"

Small hat (approx. 8 mos - 18 mos) = $14.00
Large hat (approx. 18 mos - 3 yrs+) = $16.00
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Warmth for Adults!

Grown ups need to keep warm, too, right?? Although it seems that by the time I have my kiddos packed up in the vehicle, I'm usually sweating, we grown ups really do need to keep warm, too. I have just recently branched into the "adult hat" world specifically with the Double Yarn hats. Team colors (i.e. "Go Bison!") seem popular with men and women; and just this week I filled an order for a men's Double Yarn hat in black and tan. It looked quite cool in a warm sort of way!

Just a reminder to think of yourself, too, when shopping for winter gear! As always, contact me at with any questions or ideas you might want to go over with me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Bobble Hats!

My happy little hat model. She loves her Bobble Hat!

I just couldn't resist including this picture of my model eating my tomato cage. Ahem.

Pensive but content in her bobble hat.

These were the top sellers at the craft show in September. I also have some in Bison colors....but really, the sky is the limit in putting together colors.

If I were better with my fancy new camera, you would see more clearly that this one is bright purple with bright turquoise and bright pink bobbles.

A popular combination at the craft show seemed to be bright turquoise hats with bright yellow, purple, and pink bobbles.

My elder model currently is begging for a brown hat with light yellow bobbles. It's nearly complete, and I think she has good taste!

Email me at with any questions!

Price: $16/hat
Order at

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Clearance!

To further celebrate the arrival of autumn (I mean beyond enjoying the crunch of leaves underfoot, the clean, crisp chill of the morning and evening air, the glory of trees in flaming color), I've decided to clearance the Funky, Fuzzy Flip Flops. From their regular price of $12.00, their price is falling, falling, falling (like the leaves?) to a nifty $7.50! I still have several options in stock for adults and many colors available for children. Combinations range from the outrageously bright green flip flops with multicolored decoration to softer, more "sophisticated" brown flip flops with light pink decoration. There are some flip flops left with butterfly patterns, some left with flowery-striped patterns - pretty much a bit of everything, so just let me know at what patterns and colors would interest you, and I can see what's left to fit your needs! If anyone is interested, I could also post more pictures of different patterns and color combinations....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sale Extended!!

The sale running today will be extended! Any custom orders this week can get in on the sale prices from the show today (Saturday). Give me a call or email me at with any questions! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Especially for Autumn!!!

Watch for more color options and new hat styles coming soon for your autumn wearing-pleasure!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Double Yarn Hats

These double yarn hats are both incredibly warm and incredibly cute! These can be specially made to match your little one's (or your!) favorite winter jacket, to support your favorite team, or just to sport your favorite colors. Scallops or another decorative edge can be added to these hats, as well.

Email me at with any ideas or questions!


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Summer Items!!

All of these items come in multiple, MULTIPLE colors! They are so fun to create specifically for YOUR taste!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Basic Crocheted Hat

These basic hats can be made from a variety of yarns in a multitude of colors! The sky is the limit! Scallops can be added for a more feminine touch. Try combining colors to support your favorite teams or just to have fun with stripes!

Email me at with any questions or comments!

$13.50/hat - infant and toddler sizes (incl. striped hats)

*These are not yet listed on Etsy - they will be coming soon and can be ordered through my email until then!

Organic Hats

Want a fun way to be environmentally friendly and stylish? Consider an organic hat. They come in almost any color of the rainbow, but they are dyed by environmentally- and socially-responsible methods.

$17/organic hat

*Currently available in vanilla, pink, butter, and mint

Order at

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fleece Hat

This is a warm hat for the coldest winter days. It is quite fitted and will cover the ears and keep the head toasty warm. If it is too long, it can be rolled up to have a cuff.

This hat is a great investment. The picture shows my model in a hat she has worn through one entire winter and part of the next! She will be breaking this hat out again this winter for the third winter season! Even after several washings and a winter and a half of hard wear and tear, you can see it still looks like new! This is not a hat like those you buy at a "big box" store, wash once, and find it has pilled and looks ratty. This fleece hat has not pilled or begun to look worn at all through washings and hard wear!

The fleece hat can be made in a variety of colors, as well. It definitely holds up to the coldest, most Northern winter!

Email me at with any questions!


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